Final Inspection Guideline(尾期验货手册)

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  1. Scope适用范围

Thisis applied for QA inspectors for final inspection of product being produced forThe Children’s Place.该方法适用于QA验货员在对The Children’s Place正在生产的产品作尾期检验中使用。

2. Objective目的

Thisoutlines the procedure of conducting final inspection at field which is to providea quantitative level of visual and functional appearance, measurement, andpacking prior to shipment of finished product to The Children’s Place.本手册概述了QA验货员在The Children’s Place产品走货前到工厂进行尾期验货,其中包括对产品外观、功能、尺寸以及包装等各个方面量化评级。

3. ReferenceDocument参考资料

TCP Vendor Guide《供应商指南》

4. Definition定义

AQL – Acceptance QualityLevel, the maximum allowable percent defective can be considered satisfactoryin a sampling inspection as specified in the international standard, ANSI/ASQCZ1.4 Sampling plan for inspection.AQL –可接收质量限。是指在随机抽样中可接收的疵点最大百分率,抽样方法是按照诸如ANSI/ASQC Z1.4检验中的随机抽样方法的国际标准随机抽样。

Critical Defect – is adefect that can harm our customer or anyone in our customer’s surrounding关键性疵点—是指可能对消费者及其周围的人造成伤害的疵点。

Major Defect – is adefect that will affect the function of product over the expected life ofproduct严重疵点—是指在产品使用期内会对产品的功用产生不利影响的疵点。

Minor Defect – is adefect that will not affect the function of product over the expected life ofproduct but is not designed to be on the product轻微疵点—是指产品中不应出现但在产品使用期内不会对产品的功用产生不利影响的疵点。

5. Responsibility责任

Merchandising team isresponsible to prepare the order information in QA folder for inspectionreference. The information is included but not limited to as follows:跟单部门应在QA资料夹中提供订货资料以供验货人员参考,这些资料应包括但不仅限于如下内容:

· approved productionsample已认可的样品

· pre-production reviewreport产前复核报告

· graded size specification分级尺寸说明

· order details sheet订单详细资料

· bill of materials物料清单

· ticketing and packingreport by destination按目的地分类的标签单和包装单

QA Co-ordinator isresponsible to confirm the inspection date and travel arrangement with factory.QA管理员负责同工厂联系以确定验货日期和行程安排。

QA Inspector isresponsible to conduct final inspection at factory. Upon the completion ofinspection, all findings should be reported and communicated with factoryrepresentative at closing meetingQA验货员负责在工厂进行尾期验货,并在完成检验后汇报检验结果并同工厂代表在后续的会议中交流情况。

6. Qualificationand Training资格和培训

On-job training will beprovided to QA Inspector at the first month of employment. Performance will beevaluated by QA Manager. QA Inspector should be qualified with acceptanceevaluation prior to conducting final inspection.QA验货员在入职的第一个月内将接受在职培训,并由QA经理评估其表现。QA验货员在进行尾期验货前必须通过检验资格评估。

7. Procedure验货程序


The ideal time to performfinal inspection is when no less than 80% of a shipment is packed and theremaining 20% of the lot is in finishing process. The remaining 20% should bereadily available for sampling along with the packaged units进行中期验货的最好时间是当80%的货物已经包装完毕且剩下的20%正在后整理工序。剩下的20%的产品和已经包装的产品都已准备好以待验货。

Merchandising team willinform QA Co-ordinator the possible period of final inspection upon the reviewof production status update跟单部门要根据生产计划或最新的生产进度情况通知QA管理员可能作尾期验货的时间段。

Upon the information fromMerchandising team, QA Co-ordinator will contact factory representative toconfirm the date of QA visit and travel arrangement从跟单部门获悉验货时间后,QA管理员将同工厂代表确认验货日期并安排行程。

Merchandising team willprepare the QA folder and pass to QA Co-ordinator every Friday the week priorto the date QA visit confirmed跟单部门负责准备QA资料夹并在QA验货安排确定的前一周周五将其交给QA管理员。

During inspection验货期间:

QA Inspector should physicallycount the number of product packed to ensure at least 80% of shipment packed inready-to-ship status and the remaining 20% in finishing processQA验货员应亲自点数已包装的产品数量以确保至少有80%的产品已经备齐待运,且剩余的20%的产品在后整理工序上。

If the percentage ofpacked product is less than 80% of shipment, QA Inspection should notifyMerchandising team for further instruction. Final inspection with less than 80%packed product will only be conducted upon the approval of merchandising team如果验货时,完成包装的产品还没达到整批货的80%,QA验货员应该立即通知跟单部门并征求进一步的意见,当包装没达到整批货的80%时,除非跟单部门的同意,否则不做尾期验货。

QA Inspector should pullsamples himself at random. No sample drawn from factory should be consideredfor product quality reviewQA验货员应亲自对样品进行拉力测试。直接从工厂拿到的样品不应作为产品质量复核的依据。

The final inspection isincluded as follows:尾期检验的程序如下:

· Visual WorkmanshipInspection – random samples will be drawn from entire lot according to theSampling plan for final inspection as mentioned in Vendor Guide (ANSI/ASQC Z1.4,General sampling plan for normal inspection level II with AQL 2.5 for majordefect and 4.0 for minor defect). The defective will be classified intoCritical, Major or Minor according to the nature of defect found.目测—按照《供应商指南》中所规定的尾期检验抽样方法从整批货中随机抽取样品(ANSI/ASQC Z1.4,常规检验中的通用抽样方法二级即对于严重疵点按AQL2.5,对于轻微疵点按AQL4.0)。根据疵点的性状将其分为关键疵点、严重疵点和轻微疵点。

· Measurement Audit – randomsamples will be drawn from entire lot according to the Sampling plan for finalinspection as mentioned in Vendor Guide (8 samples per size per color). Thecritical measurement point will be checked against the graded sizespecification尺寸检查—按照《供应商指南》中所规定的尾期检验抽样方法从整批货中随机抽取样品(每款每色8件)。同时按照分级尺寸说明检查关键部位的尺寸是否合格。

· General Conformity –according to the information in QA folder, random samples will be checkedagainst the standard of style, hand-feel, labelling, hangtag, packing andshipping mark总体一致性—根据QA资料夹里的资料检查随机抽取的样品的款式标准、手感、标签、吊牌、包装和运输标志。

· Attachment Strength Test– as a safety concern, the attachment strength of all small parts applied onproduct should be tested. Ten (10) random samples out of entire shipment willbe withstand to a pull force of 15 lbs for 10 seconds without failure.联结强力测试—出于安全考虑,产品上的所有的小部件都要进行联结强力测试。从整批待运的货物中随机抽取10件产品进行拉力测试,要求在15磅拉力下坚持10秒钟而不发生脱离。

If defect is found ineither functional, visual or measurement should be reported in the FinalInspection Report and Measurement Audit Report. If needed, QA Inspector shouldtake the representative defective samples back to TCP office for further review如果在检验中发现任何功用、外观或尺寸方面的疵点,QA检验员应将其记录在尾期检验报告和尺寸测量报告中。如有必要,还应将有疵点的样品带回公司,以便进一步的复查。

The defective productsshould be sorted from bulk for re-work or disposed有疵点的产品应挑出来以备返工或零星处理。

Check and complete theProduct Safety Checklist and Packing Compliance Audit Form检查并完成产品安全性检查报告。

After inspection检验完成后:

The acceptance level of eachportion of final inspection as follows:尾期检验中的每个部分可接收限分别如下:

· Visual WorkmanshipInspection – no defective allowed for critical defect, AQL 2.5 for major defector AQL 4.0 for minor defect目测—不能有关键性疵点,对于严重疵点按AQL2.5,对于轻微疵点按AQL4.0

· Measurement Audit –maximum 5% of total critical measurement points beyond tolerance尺寸检查—关键部位的

· General Conformity –conformed to the information in QA folder总体一致性—符合QA资料夹里的内容。

· Attachment Strength Test– no small part pulled off allowed联结强力测试—必须通过测试

The entire shipment willbe rated as “Accepted” upon the findings complied with the acceptance level atall portions当所有部分的检验结果都满足可接收限时,整批待运的货物即可认为是“合格”。

The entire shipment willbe rated as “Rejected” if a result is non-complied with the acceptance level ofany portion of final inspection. Re-inspection should be done at any failedportion upon an agreed time interval当有任何一部分的检验结果都未满足可接收限时,整批待运的货物即可认为是“不合格”。同时还要依据预定的时间对未通过的项目进行复检。

Discuss the findings anddisposition of shipment with factory representative, and have them sign off asacknowledge of findings at sight同工厂代表就检验结果和对装运的处理方法交流意见并让其签字表示认同当前的检验结果。

Assist the factory infinding solutions to problem where possible协助工厂找出所出现问题可能的解决方法。

If an irreparable defectis found, the factory representative and/or merchandising team should be notifiedimmediately如果出现不可修复性的疵点,QA验货员应立即通知工厂代表和跟单部门。

If the problem is foundthat create any shipping delays, QA Inspector should notify the Merchandisingteam and/or Buyer for further action如果由于质量问题导致装运延期,QA应立即通知跟单部门及买家以便采取进一步的措施。

8. Records归档

Final Inspection Report,Measurement Audit Report, Packing Compliance Audit Form and Product SafetyChecklist – original copy kept by QA Co-ordinator for 6 months at TCP office,copies to factory representative and Merchandising team中期验货报告、尺寸检验表、包装检查表、产品安全报告的原件将由QA管理员保存在TCP六个月,同时将复印件交给工厂代表和跟单部门。

9. Attachment附件

Final Inspection Report尾期验货报告

Measurement Audit Report尺寸检验表

Sampling Plan for FinalInspection抽样方法和尾期检验

Packing Compliance AuditForm包装检验表

Product Safety Checklist产品安全报告